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I’m Back…

I haven’t posted anything here for a long time because there hasn’t been much to talk about in the area of weight loss. It’s the same ol’, same ol’ with me trying another diet and ended up not losing, getting frustrated, and then giving up.

me-nooooo-i-cant-im-on-a-diet-10-mins-3573673.pngEarlier this week I enrolled in a weight management program offered by my health insurance. I’m hoping this will help the stalled process of getting the pounds off. I’ve also been using Weight Watchers for over week. In the past, WW was the only plan I found results using, so I thought it would be worth going back on.

Since my last doctor’s visit on Wednesday and weighing-in at the gym yesterday, I dropped 2 pounds. It remains to be seen if that’s a fluke or real results. In the past, I have yo-yoed with losing 2 pounds only to regain said pounds in a few days.

I am, however, excited about the weight management program because I get to go back to a gym with a pool and have a personal trainer. I’ve never had one of those and I hope having a trainer will help me with not knowing what to do once I’m at the gym. I usually stick with the elliptical or treadmill. Some times weights and the plated machines.

As for the blog here, I’d like to share my journey by writing some reviews of foods and products, what’s working for me (or not), and anything else that I come across.



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I haven’t been blogging for awhile. I have been frustrated at my lack of progress in the weight lost area.

starting over While I’ve tried many diets and ended up gaining or not losing a pound, my clothing has started to change for the better. I’m fitting into a smaller size of pants and most of my old clothes are getting too big. I’m seeing progress in small areas like thighs.

The biggest things I’ve accomplished since my last blog post, were completing two different 5k races. I’m very proud to have finished them.

In addition, I decided to go get a medical check up and maybe to the root of my weight problems. I’m still working to find out if there’s a medical reason why I’d not losing. I’ve enrolled into a weight management program as well.


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Still spinning

267494-Funny+running+quotes++++After a week on the DASH Diet and zero results in weight loss and after zero results in 2 weeks, I have decided to stop with diet plans and go with something that will make my life a little easier. Now, will that show results on the scale? I don’t know yet.

This week I’m going to stick with what I liked about the DASH Diet (mainly the hard boiled eggs and Canadian bacon for breakfast) but add a lot more other things I like from other diets and suggestions. I’m slowly reducing my gluten intake, which can be difficult once you start looking at foods and seeing how many things contain gluten. I’m also going dairy free, this is a lot easier since I’m lactose intolerant and the only things I’m giving up are cheese and yogurt… ok and maybe ice cream. But this will not be difficult.

The main focus for awhile is going to be exercise. In the past month, I have been progressively adding walking and weight lifting to my daily activities. Today was my last visit with the orthopedic doctor for my broken toe and now I can do whatever exercises I feel up to doing! YAY!

On Sunday, I visited a local park and found a great walking track and the high school’s football field next door also has a quarter mile track.

I don’t know if the activities will break through or if I’ll be still stuck by week’s end. Stay tuned.

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DASH Diet Recap

weight-loss-frustration1As far as the DASH Diet for weight lost there’s not much to report for me. After over a week, I have not lost anything. Therefore, I have decided to stop Phase 1 of the plan and resume what I had been doing before. Actually, my eating plan before DASH wasn’t bad it just wasn’t getting the pounds off, which is what I wanted.

So now I’m faced with, yet again, another diet that didn’t work. And confused that I limit calories, increase exercise, and still nowhere.

I’m going to go back to cutting out processed foods, refined carbs, and sugar. Still eat fruits and vegetables with protein. And try to avoid as much gluten and dairy as possible.

On a brighter note, my Fitbit is increasing my interest in exercising and I’ve been making strides toward that as my toe is feeling much better.

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DASH Diet weekend recap

The weekend was a little more difficult since I don’t have the routine as my work week.  I did stick to better eating but on my Saturday weigh-in no pounds were lost despite the calorie deficit the diet was to create. I’m still confused.

I did a lot of walking on Friday and Saturday. And some weight training on Saturday as well.  But I’m still not losing pounds.  The only issue I have is PMS so I could be retaining water or something.

Sadly disappointed.

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DASH Diet Day 4

Not much changed in my diet for day 4. I’m still eating the basic stuff and feeling ok.

Saturday is my weigh-in day, so if I lose a lot I will stick with it. If not, then I’ll add back the fruits I’ve been missing so much.

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DASH Diet Day 3 recap

homer-dietDay three was slightly better because I started the day off with breakfast. After Day 2, I discovered that breakfast is the key to overcoming the hunger problem for the most part. The 2 deviled eggs and 2 slices of Canadian bacon kept me full well into the morning.

I do enjoy the morning deviled eggs and Canadian bacon, which could become a regular in the breakfast rotation after the I complete the Phase 1 portion of the plan.

For dinner, I made a taco salad with beef, seasoned organic black beans (Kroger brand), lots of lettuce, a tomato, and a sprinkling of cheese. This was filling and kept me going through the evening, even post workout and into the night.

I haven’t checked the scale yet, I’m planning to check on my regular weigh-in day of Saturday morning.

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Dash Diet Day 2 Recap

Ok here goes. Day 2 was a lot more difficult than the first day. Mainly I surmised because I missed breakfast. Yeah, I know, cardinal sin. I had a doctor’s appointment to check on my broken toe, so I thought skipping the morning meal would be fine. Big… no HUGE mistake.

pic3From the morning onward I couldn’t get myself to stop feeling hungry. I drank my regular amount of water and tea. I had the same snacks and lunch as the day before but I just couldn’t shake the hunger. Finally, as I last ditch afford to stop my cravings, I bought some pre-made sugar-free gelatin. I downed two containers setting in my Jeep in the Kroger parking lot. I felt better and was able to get home to make dinner.

The sugar-free gelatin snacks are a “free” food in the DASH Diet. And while I understand their usefulness, I’m avoiding them for because they are processed foods. In the eating lifestyle I’m attempting to create for myself, items such as this are not what I want to consume. In fact, almost everything I’ve read about eating better strongly advises the elimination of processed and refined foods.  I’m surprised by the inclusion of the sugar-free gelatin snacks but grateful I could have them to squelch the hunger.

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Dash Diet Day 1 recap


The first day of the DASH Diet looked like this for me:

Breakfast — 2 hard boiled eggs (deviled: olive oil mayo & prepared mustard), 2 slices of Canadian bacon.

Mid-morning snack — 20 peanuts.

Lunch — Tuna salad (olive oil mayo, onions, chia seeds) 4 grape tomatoes, lettuce.

Mid-afternoon snack — 2 oz of hummus and baby carrots

Dinner — Bell pepper strips, onions, and roast beef (deli)

In addition, I had plenty of green tea throughout the day. 128 oz to be exact.

I did a little over a mile walk with my dog in fairly humid conditions.

And guess what? When I hoped on the scale this morning, I had gained a pound.


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Dash Diet: The Beginning

dash-diet-fun-factsBack in January a co-worked told me about the DASH Diet and how she was going to begin it to reduce her blood pressure.  She said besides being great for lowering blood pressure, it also had benefits for people just wanting to lose weight and get healthier. I thought about giving it a go but at the time I was trying another diet, which sadly didn’t do much for me. And by the time I had last weighted myself at the end of January, I had gained 5 pounds and was thoroughly disgusted with dieting.

As I have made my way back into getting healthy and weight loss, I thought the DASH Diet could be beneficial, although I’m not working to lower my BP (after the ER visit and a couple orthopedic doctor visits I can say is normal).  The diet, which stands for: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, has been named one of the best diet plans around.

There’s not much to the diet itself, it’s just a healthier approach to eating with lots of veggies and fruits, whole grains, protein, and low-fat dairy.  There’s a book, cookbooks, plans, and Facebook support pages.  The diet starts with a 14 day Phase 1 to restart your system. Then in Phase 2 you can add back the items that had to be omitted in the starting phase, like fruits and grains.

For me, the two biggest challenges with this diet (and most) are in the nut category since I’m allergic to almost all tree nuts and the inclusion of healthy fats from avocados since I have an intolerance to them. I have modified the plan to include about 4-5 of the sample meals that I can eat.  And I will also not be using the sugar-free Jello portion of the diet. During Phase 1 you may eat as much sugar-free Jello as you’d like.

IMG_1654I am happy to report that yesterday’s weigh-in found me at 2 pounds down from my weight and sans the 2 phantom pounds that kept floating around for 2 weeks. So, I will start with this new weight as my beginning.  I’m also feeling better with my broken toe and will soon be able to add more power walking to my workouts. And maybe a bike ride, YAY!

This morning I had 2 hard boiled eggs, deviled, and 2 slices of Canadian Bacon. I’m waiting my mid morning snack and an awesome lunch of tuna, which I love.  I’m actually excited about this approach because it doesn’t seem to be difficult to follow.

A side note about the grains, I’m in the process of going gluten free as I’ve read gluten might be linked to migraines. So for this diet I have decided to eliminate as many of those foods as I can.