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It’s been awhile since I posted here. That’s partly because of life going by with all of those hectic moments and partly because of some frustrations with the weight loss. I’m slightly impatient with losing pounds because I want it gone so badly. I have made progress in the past few months, just really, really slow.

Tomorrow is the next weigh-in with the program I’m doing. In the past few months, I’ve lost around 28 lbs (depending on the scale and time of day) and a modest amount of inches around the waist, and some percentage of body fat. I still find weigh-in days stressful, even though my trainer has told me I’m making good progress in the program. Of course, I want more than good, I want overnight fat melting away and I become a size 6.

One thing that seems to be helping me is the keto diet. I have been off and on it for a few months with good results. The main reason I go off the keto way of eating (woe) is from traveling for work. Last week, was a tough time while at a conference for four days. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was damn difficult, to manage the keto woe.

For me, as carbs slip back into my diet I find myself hungry and cranky. On keto, I’ve managed to fight most of that. But the challenge is staying on track. Now that I’m back to a more normal schedule, keto eating will be easier. I just have to fight off those carb cravings that snuck back in. 😦


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My challenge is the mid section. I’m an apple shape and carry the majority of the nasty fat around the belly. I’ve always been pudgy and round, even as a kid.

With every weight loss attempt, I lose some around the middle but not enough. Unfortunately, we can spot reduce. But I’m working on building stamina on cardio machines and some strength training. Mostly, I’m trying to build my lower body’s muscles since they are the body’s largest and will burn energy post-workout when they are fit.

So far the results are good. Of the 18 pounds I’ve lost, much of it is in the middle! I can wear pants that a few month ago were tight or gave me a muffin top, so that’s a good sign.  The one bit of frustration is my measurements aren’t moving much. Granted, it’s tough to get the tape measure back in the same place as before, but I was hoping for more movement there so when the scale flakes on me I have the number of inches gone to counter that number.

Oh well.

I’m still pushing through and exercising. Cardio is my new favorite after straining my elbow recently. In that realm, I’m pushing hard to go further and longer. Last night I managed the first mile+ on the ARC Trainer. So there’s something to build on.

Stay the course!

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New month, continued progress

5-lbs-of-fat.jpgAs I start the third month of this weight loss journey, I am pleased to announce I’ve lost another 4 pounds since last week’s weigh-in. That’s a total of 18 pounds for the first two months! I’m so happy to see the scales moving and my clothes fitting better and in some cases, too big!

Last week I changed a few things, not much, but they have seemed to help push through the blockage. The main thing I did was more cardio workouts and less strength training. I’ve become a huge fan of the ARC trainer.

I’m two pounds away from the big 20 pound milestone. I am hoping this current trend continues for the week to get me there by next weigh-in day.

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Frustrations but hope


Only 1 pound of weight loss in recent days. I’m having flashbacks of the other failed attempts to lose weight, so some frustrations are popping up. The bright side of it all is that I have meet with the personal trainer, twice, from the weight management program and have met with the nutritionist as well.

The best news of the week came at the second meeting with the personal trainer. He did a body fat test and I had lost 1.3% body fat from the initial measurements on March 16th. So that’s something to build on.

The good thing about the nutritionist’s meeting was she thinks I’m on the right track with the changes I’ve already made in my diet. I was happy to hear that but upset that these changes are not showing to be for the better. I am still tracking my calories on Weight Watchers and with the My Fitness Pal app. In both cases, my diet is not mostly low carb. I do have occasion to slip up and have a little too many carbs from time to time. However, for the most part giving up sweets and breads haven’t been as difficult as I thought.

I still wish the scales would move down.

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The latest update

img-thing.jpgI’ve been disappointed for the past few weeks at my progress. For all of the excitement the first few weeks brought with 13 pounds lost, I hit a wall. It started with gaining 5 pounds during PMS week then taking over a week to lose it. Now I’m in my second week of hovering at the same weight.

I’ve tried taking measurements to see if the scale was lying, and those have been less than encouraging.

Today, I did manage to do a lunchtime power walk at a very brisk pace of 14 minutes for a mile. That gave me some hope that all of the hours in the gym are paying off.

Now to get that scale to move.

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Lucky 13


As of the Monday Weight Watchers weigh-in, I am down 13 pounds since March 1, 2017!

This is a great big WOW for me since I had been struggling so much to lose weight to the point I just gave up over a year ago.

I’m not sure what is to credit for this wonderful news, but I’m very pleased. Seeing the scale move for a change also brings more encouragement to continue the new eating habits and exercise routines.

Besides having the pounds melt away, I am feeling much better and sleeping better. I don’t miss much of the things I’m given up. On occasion, I see a pastry and would like to have it or a pizza. But overall, there’s nothing I want more than there to be less of me. For the first time in my dieting life, I understand the quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

I’ve set several milestones for this weight loss journey, so I can mark off victories along the way. Once I hit the first 20 pounds gone, I’m getting myself an Apple Watch or a Fitbit Blaze. I have 7 pounds to go before I decide. Part of me wants the Apple Watch and to buy at the Apple Store, which would mean a day trip to Columbus, Ohio where the closest Apple Store is located to me. So that’s a bonus carrot.

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A Happy Dieter?

pokemon-pikachuThe answer is yes. I’m actually a happy dieter. Honestly, at this point I’m not even calling this a “diet” in the terms we all know and loathe.

I’m not sure I’d call it a lifestyle change because in the past I’ve been dedicated to losing the weight but my body didn’t follow suit. The biggest change this time IS my body’s reaction to the diet. The first time in a very long time it is responding to what I’m doing.

It started with joining Weight Watchers and being allowed to eat things that do satisfy me and not a minimal list of items that would leave me hungrier and frustrated. The main thing I praise WW for is allowing fruits and veggies to be zero points. The ability to grab an orange, apple, pear, or berries when I was first battling the sweet tooth cravings was nothing less than a miracle. Since the first week or so, I have been less interested in even the fruits and have nearly no cravings for sugary items.

The next piece of my weight lost puzzle has been researching the ketosis or keto diet. I’ve been limiting carbs anyway, especially the refined carbs from white bread, sweets, and pasta, with WW. The sugars I’ve been allowing myself are coupled with fiber from fruits, so this was a better use of the carb intake I do allow myself. After reading more about ketosis, I decided to limit carbs even further to eventually move toward the less than 20 gram mark to put my body in that state.

After a few days of watching the overall carb intake and lots of exercise, I managed to get into ketosis according a ketostix test. This is lighting up my ability to drop pounds. In fact, as of yesterday I had lost 5lbs from the previous week’s weigh-in. Of course, the great thing about being in the ketosis state is the ability to burn body fat. But there are some other benefits it as well, which for me is not being hungry all of the time.

So as of today, I’m a happier dieter and losing weight much easier than before. If I have cracked the code, I’m grateful too!

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Full steam ahead


I forgot to post last week! But there was good news, I lost a few more pounds with Weight Watchers.

The biggest and most exciting news of the week centered on starting the Weight Management program offered through my employer’s health insurance. This gives me a few awesome things to help the weight loss journey. One is a discounted rate on a gym membership where I’ll get to workout with a personal trainer. Two is an exercise physiologist to meet with several times during the program. Third is a nutritionist.

Last Thursday I had the initial consultation with the exercise physiologist at the YWCA. Sunday I had the baselines taken for endurance, flexibility, and strength. My exercise physiologist said I’m starting a good place with all three. And from the baseline measurements I have lost 8 pounds from the doctor’s visit on March 1st to get into the program!

The great thing about the gym I picked, there’s a swimming pool, two other locations with different equipment, and all three offer classes from kickboxing to spinning to Zumba. I’m honestly so inspired and pleased to have these facilities to workout and train with a professional.

The other big, big player in the weight loss is a major diet change. I won’t start working with the program’s nutritionist until next month, but I’ve already made changes. I have several recipes from WW and other places that I want share and review in the coming days.

The great thing about the past 22 days, besides seeing the weight melt away, is not being famished or feeling that I’m being punished.

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I’m Back…

I haven’t posted anything here for a long time because there hasn’t been much to talk about in the area of weight loss. It’s the same ol’, same ol’ with me trying another diet and ended up not losing, getting frustrated, and then giving up.

me-nooooo-i-cant-im-on-a-diet-10-mins-3573673.pngEarlier this week I enrolled in a weight management program offered by my health insurance. I’m hoping this will help the stalled process of getting the pounds off. I’ve also been using Weight Watchers for over week. In the past, WW was the only plan I found results using, so I thought it would be worth going back on.

Since my last doctor’s visit on Wednesday and weighing-in at the gym yesterday, I dropped 2 pounds. It remains to be seen if that’s a fluke or real results. In the past, I have yo-yoed with losing 2 pounds only to regain said pounds in a few days.

I am, however, excited about the weight management program because I get to go back to a gym with a pool and have a personal trainer. I’ve never had one of those and I hope having a trainer will help me with not knowing what to do once I’m at the gym. I usually stick with the elliptical or treadmill. Some times weights and the plated machines.

As for the blog here, I’d like to share my journey by writing some reviews of foods and products, what’s working for me (or not), and anything else that I come across.