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Where’s my mojo?


It’s been a low couple of weeks for me and it has effected my attitude toward workouts and food. It seems to happen somewhere along the diet trail for me every time. Usually it’s a plateau and a few weeks of discouragement with the scales not moving. This time it’s a little different.

Some of it is how I feel a bit pressured to make the numbers move because I’m in a program that requires measurements and percent of weight loss by certain times in the program. I’m coming up on one of them and I’m concerned that my percentage of weight lost won’t make the cut. Just as I’m concerned that my body measurements are moving at all.

The other issue is in food. I’m on a Facebook group for people who are members at Planet Fitness. And the other day I posted about my frustrations on giving up certain things in order to lose weight. Of course there are the people who want to just comment so they add the basic stuff like drink more water or do different exercises. But the people who utterly piss me off (pardon the language) are those who have commented that they have “friends” who can eat whatever they want and lose weight because they exercise. Or I’ve not had a problem giving up X,Y, Z so I don’t see why that’s a problem for you.  And the preachy ones brow beating you into guilt for having a moment of weakness and looking for a little support. Plus the condescending attitudes of those ones that eat anything.  Grrr. People.

The only thing I can do is push through as much as I don’t want to do that. But there’s nothing else. Maybe, at some point, I’ll find another friend to help on the journey. But the PF people, I don’t think I’ll be posting there anymore.

Be strong, be fierce

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The latest update

img-thing.jpgI’ve been disappointed for the past few weeks at my progress. For all of the excitement the first few weeks brought with 13 pounds lost, I hit a wall. It started with gaining 5 pounds during PMS week then taking over a week to lose it. Now I’m in my second week of hovering at the same weight.

I’ve tried taking measurements to see if the scale was lying, and those have been less than encouraging.

Today, I did manage to do a lunchtime power walk at a very brisk pace of 14 minutes for a mile. That gave me some hope that all of the hours in the gym are paying off.

Now to get that scale to move.

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Still more frustration

76dbe7840b16c3efeec519b600e40db1As with every time I work toward managing my weight and attempt to lose, I’m face with frustrations. Namely the fact that I limit my calories, do products, starve, and get no where. With this current attempt, I am seeing the old Nemesis of gaining and/or no progress back.

My rapid 5 pound loss two weeks ago turned into regaining two of those pounds back within a few days of my weigh-in. This morning, those two pounds continue to hang on and I’m seeing nothing for all of the work, time, and money I’m putting into this weight management plan. I’m discouraged to say the least.

Yesterday I returned to swimming for the first time in a long while. My injured toe still hurts, especially during swimming, so I cut the workout short. Despite my workouts for the pass couple of days nothing is moving in the right direction.

I’ve been researching weight loss plateaus and why I can’t loose weight but according to what I’m finding the reason is still a mystery. I’m following the guidelines, drinking at least a gallon of water/tea, cutting refined carbs, adding protein but I’m just not getting it.

My next step is to start the DASH diet in hopes of seeing some pounds move. While I’m not doing this for the main reason people use the DASH diet, high blood pressure, I’m seeking to jump start myself in some way.

Right now, I’m making a plan for the first 14 days of the diet. Because I have some food allergies, nuts mostly, I have to rearrange and modify the plan somewhat. I will write about my progress with it and hope this will help me drop the pounds.

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Dreaded Plateau


Like every horror movie ever made, it always finds me and I’m helpless to it. The dreaded weight loss plateau. And yes, just a few days into this restart it has found me again.

Over the years, I’ve tried so many different things and programs to lose weight. But enviably I’m tripped up but hitting the wall. The last time I tried to get back into weight loss and healthy eating, I ended up gaining more than loosing so I ended up sad and discouraged.

When I lost 5 pounds right off, I thought maybe this time it was going to work. But last Saturday the scale told me something else. It’s not going to work, yet again.

I’ve limited myself to one weigh-in a week, I learned back when doing Weight Watchers this is supposed to limit the up-and-down disappointments from daily weight checks.  So this time I did the once a week and still see no results.  Actually I gained to phantom pounds. But by the end of the day they were gone.

Right now I’m researching more about weight loss plateaus and seeing if I can figure out how to restart myself. I was so hoping to drop 2-5 pounds a week.