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A Happy Dieter?

pokemon-pikachuThe answer is yes. I’m actually a happy dieter. Honestly, at this point I’m not even calling this a “diet” in the terms we all know and loathe.

I’m not sure I’d call it a lifestyle change because in the past I’ve been dedicated to losing the weight but my body didn’t follow suit. The biggest change this time IS my body’s reaction to the diet. The first time in a very long time it is responding to what I’m doing.

It started with joining Weight Watchers and being allowed to eat things that do satisfy me and not a minimal list of items that would leave me hungrier and frustrated. The main thing I praise WW for is allowing fruits and veggies to be zero points. The ability to grab an orange, apple, pear, or berries when I was first battling the sweet tooth cravings was nothing less than a miracle. Since the first week or so, I have been less interested in even the fruits and have nearly no cravings for sugary items.

The next piece of my weight lost puzzle has been researching the ketosis or keto diet. I’ve been limiting carbs anyway, especially the refined carbs from white bread, sweets, and pasta, with WW. The sugars I’ve been allowing myself are coupled with fiber from fruits, so this was a better use of the carb intake I do allow myself. After reading more about ketosis, I decided to limit carbs even further to eventually move toward the less than 20 gram mark to put my body in that state.

After a few days of watching the overall carb intake and lots of exercise, I managed to get into ketosis according a ketostix test. This is lighting up my ability to drop pounds. In fact, as of yesterday I had lost 5lbs from the previous week’s weigh-in. Of course, the great thing about being in the ketosis state is the ability to burn body fat. But there are some other benefits it as well, which for me is not being hungry all of the time.

So as of today, I’m a happier dieter and losing weight much easier than before. If I have cracked the code, I’m grateful too!