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Start over… again

Don't-Be-Afraid-to Start-Over

Some times things happen and you just can’t regain traction. That’s what happened toward the end of 2017 with my weight loss. I take complete responsibility for failing to keep up.

It all started with a couple work-related conferences, trying to eat keto while on the road is a challenge. Then the holidays. Yes, difficult but I also chose to do things I knew were not right for me.

So, in the new year I have refocused on getting back into the keto way of eating and more exercising.  I haven’t checked the scale yet, as I’m still trying to not be so focused on that number. Eventually, I will check it and redo my measurements. But right now I need to just think about getting myself back on track.

It’s still a challenge. The arctic weather has brought frozen pipes and made cooking difficult. But I’ve been able to prepare fresh lunches at work, which have been keto. The gym offers both an escape from cabin fever and a much needed shower. lol

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It’s been awhile since I posted here. That’s partly because of life going by with all of those hectic moments and partly because of some frustrations with the weight loss. I’m slightly impatient with losing pounds because I want it gone so badly. I have made progress in the past few months, just really, really slow.

Tomorrow is the next weigh-in with the program I’m doing. In the past few months, I’ve lost around 28 lbs (depending on the scale and time of day) and a modest amount of inches around the waist, and some percentage of body fat. I still find weigh-in days stressful, even though my trainer has told me I’m making good progress in the program. Of course, I want more than good, I want overnight fat melting away and I become a size 6.

One thing that seems to be helping me is the keto diet. I have been off and on it for a few months with good results. The main reason I go off the keto way of eating (woe) is from traveling for work. Last week, was a tough time while at a conference for four days. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was damn difficult, to manage the keto woe.

For me, as carbs slip back into my diet I find myself hungry and cranky. On keto, I’ve managed to fight most of that. But the challenge is staying on track. Now that I’m back to a more normal schedule, keto eating will be easier. I just have to fight off those carb cravings that snuck back in. 😦