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Where’s my mojo?


It’s been a low couple of weeks for me and it has effected my attitude toward workouts and food. It seems to happen somewhere along the diet trail for me every time. Usually it’s a plateau and a few weeks of discouragement with the scales not moving. This time it’s a little different.

Some of it is how I feel a bit pressured to make the numbers move because I’m in a program that requires measurements and percent of weight loss by certain times in the program. I’m coming up on one of them and I’m concerned that my percentage of weight lost won’t make the cut. Just as I’m concerned that my body measurements are moving at all.

The other issue is in food. I’m on a Facebook group for people who are members at Planet Fitness. And the other day I posted about my frustrations on giving up certain things in order to lose weight. Of course there are the people who want to just comment so they add the basic stuff like drink more water or do different exercises. But the people who utterly piss me off (pardon the language) are those who have commented that they have “friends” who can eat whatever they want and lose weight because they exercise. Or I’ve not had a problem giving up X,Y, Z so I don’t see why that’s a problem for you.  And the preachy ones brow beating you into guilt for having a moment of weakness and looking for a little support. Plus the condescending attitudes of those ones that eat anything.  Grrr. People.

The only thing I can do is push through as much as I don’t want to do that. But there’s nothing else. Maybe, at some point, I’ll find another friend to help on the journey. But the PF people, I don’t think I’ll be posting there anymore.

Be strong, be fierce

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My challenge is the mid section. I’m an apple shape and carry the majority of the nasty fat around the belly. I’ve always been pudgy and round, even as a kid.

With every weight loss attempt, I lose some around the middle but not enough. Unfortunately, we can spot reduce. But I’m working on building stamina on cardio machines and some strength training. Mostly, I’m trying to build my lower body’s muscles since they are the body’s largest and will burn energy post-workout when they are fit.

So far the results are good. Of the 18 pounds I’ve lost, much of it is in the middle! I can wear pants that a few month ago were tight or gave me a muffin top, so that’s a good sign.  The one bit of frustration is my measurements aren’t moving much. Granted, it’s tough to get the tape measure back in the same place as before, but I was hoping for more movement there so when the scale flakes on me I have the number of inches gone to counter that number.

Oh well.

I’m still pushing through and exercising. Cardio is my new favorite after straining my elbow recently. In that realm, I’m pushing hard to go further and longer. Last night I managed the first mile+ on the ARC Trainer. So there’s something to build on.

Stay the course!

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New month, continued progress

5-lbs-of-fat.jpgAs I start the third month of this weight loss journey, I am pleased to announce I’ve lost another 4 pounds since last week’s weigh-in. That’s a total of 18 pounds for the first two months! I’m so happy to see the scales moving and my clothes fitting better and in some cases, too big!

Last week I changed a few things, not much, but they have seemed to help push through the blockage. The main thing I did was more cardio workouts and less strength training. I’ve become a huge fan of the ARC trainer.

I’m two pounds away from the big 20 pound milestone. I am hoping this current trend continues for the week to get me there by next weigh-in day.

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The latest update

img-thing.jpgI’ve been disappointed for the past few weeks at my progress. For all of the excitement the first few weeks brought with 13 pounds lost, I hit a wall. It started with gaining 5 pounds during PMS week then taking over a week to lose it. Now I’m in my second week of hovering at the same weight.

I’ve tried taking measurements to see if the scale was lying, and those have been less than encouraging.

Today, I did manage to do a lunchtime power walk at a very brisk pace of 14 minutes for a mile. That gave me some hope that all of the hours in the gym are paying off.

Now to get that scale to move.

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Full steam ahead


I forgot to post last week! But there was good news, I lost a few more pounds with Weight Watchers.

The biggest and most exciting news of the week centered on starting the Weight Management program offered through my employer’s health insurance. This gives me a few awesome things to help the weight loss journey. One is a discounted rate on a gym membership where I’ll get to workout with a personal trainer. Two is an exercise physiologist to meet with several times during the program. Third is a nutritionist.

Last Thursday I had the initial consultation with the exercise physiologist at the YWCA. Sunday I had the baselines taken for endurance, flexibility, and strength. My exercise physiologist said I’m starting a good place with all three. And from the baseline measurements I have lost 8 pounds from the doctor’s visit on March 1st to get into the program!

The great thing about the gym I picked, there’s a swimming pool, two other locations with different equipment, and all three offer classes from kickboxing to spinning to Zumba. I’m honestly so inspired and pleased to have these facilities to workout and train with a professional.

The other big, big player in the weight loss is a major diet change. I won’t start working with the program’s nutritionist until next month, but I’ve already made changes. I have several recipes from WW and other places that I want share and review in the coming days.

The great thing about the past 22 days, besides seeing the weight melt away, is not being famished or feeling that I’m being punished.

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Still spinning

267494-Funny+running+quotes++++After a week on the DASH Diet and zero results in weight loss and after zero results in 2 weeks, I have decided to stop with diet plans and go with something that will make my life a little easier. Now, will that show results on the scale? I don’t know yet.

This week I’m going to stick with what I liked about the DASH Diet (mainly the hard boiled eggs and Canadian bacon for breakfast) but add a lot more other things I like from other diets and suggestions. I’m slowly reducing my gluten intake, which can be difficult once you start looking at foods and seeing how many things contain gluten. I’m also going dairy free, this is a lot easier since I’m lactose intolerant and the only things I’m giving up are cheese and yogurt… ok and maybe ice cream. But this will not be difficult.

The main focus for awhile is going to be exercise. In the past month, I have been progressively adding walking and weight lifting to my daily activities. Today was my last visit with the orthopedic doctor for my broken toe and now I can do whatever exercises I feel up to doing! YAY!

On Sunday, I visited a local park and found a great walking track and the high school’s football field next door also has a quarter mile track.

I don’t know if the activities will break through or if I’ll be still stuck by week’s end. Stay tuned.

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Treadmills are evil

funny-pictures-resolution-cats-treadmill11I love to get up and move, go hiking, biking, walking, swimming, and many other active things. I, however, cannot get myself motivated to walk on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike. I don’t know if it is the mundane and never changing scenery or that it’s nothing like being outside but I know it is something I dread. Even using the gym equipment with tv screens didn’t help cure the boredom.

So yesterday I was exceptionally happy to find a solution to the walking problem. At the Y where I workout there is a basketball court/gym and after the various yoga and HIIT classes, it is empty. I decided even with my bum toe that I would do some laps around the court. Before long I was pumping my activity into the power walk realm. This was my kind of workout. Although the scenery didn’t change as much, there was something a lot better about walking around the gym floor than the mindless treadmill. Maybe it’s a psychological thing or maybe I’m just strange but I know I love this method a million times more than a treadmill.

Now that I’ve discovered this, I’m going to restart the Couch to 5K app. My biggest problem was switching the treadmill back and forth between the levels of jogging and running. Now I may have an answer to that problem! But at any rate, I do have a new and much more fun activity to add to my daily workout.

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Let’s Get Started

I’ve always been chubby.  I was a chubby kid although I played outside, rode my bike everywhere and played sports. Being overweight has been a lifelong battle. I guess now you can call me a fat chick.  Although don’t call me a “fluffy girl” that’s one thing I can’t stand. I’d take fat chick over fluffy any day.

funny-weight-loss-cartoon-w630But anywho…

A few years ago I started on the weight loss/diet roller coaster yet again. I tried everything. I was even inspired by my favorite Food Network host, Alton Brown, when he dropped 50 pounds in 2009.

Despite all of my efforts over the years, I’m still a fat chick.  I don’t like it one bit. A few weeks ago, after several months of slacking in my healthy eating and exercising, I decided to start back again.  A friend, who knew I was having a bad time about trying to meet a nice man to date, asked me to drop in on her yoga class.  That sparked something again. I felt good afterward and wanted to keep that going.

I went back to the gym. Restored my Couch to 5K app on my phone. I even decided to switch gyms to have access to a swimming pool.  It started to click in the energy department and I was actually enjoying myself.

A few days ago another friend recommended that I start reading Women’s World for the health related articles.  The week I picked up this magazine, there happened to be an article on weight loss through hydrophilic foods.  A lot of the fruits and veggies are things I love to eat, so I’m hoping by eating these foods I can drop some pounds.

Although my main goal is to shed pounds, I want to be a healthier me. I think in the long run that’s more important than pants size.  I know I’ll never be a size 2 but a few sizes smaller, yeah that would be fantastic.