me103014 copyI’ve always be chubby. Even as an active kid, I was heavy. Despite playing outdoors, riding my bike, playing basketball and softball, I never was a skinny kid.  Of course, as I got older and stopped playing as much the weight issue continued.

Over the years, I’ve dieted and had some success… but not much.

A few years ago, I started to make a better effort to, at least, get fit if not skinny.  I joined a gym and watched what I ate. Some pound came off quickly, but I hit a plateau and couldn’t make any more weight drop.  I became frustrated and stopped working so hard at it.

Needless to say, that didn’t help much.  After a terrible year in 2014, I have decided to make the best of the remaining weeks and work toward my original goal of being in better shape and maybe a non-plus size gal.

In November 2014, I joined a local YMCA to swim more.  I’ve always loved swimming and it’s a great way to strengthen the core and burn calories.   I found an article on eating more foods that turn water in your system into a gel than helps keep you fuller longer and aid in weight loss.  I  wanted to share my progress on the weight loss journey.



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