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Where’s my mojo?


It’s been a low couple of weeks for me and it has effected my attitude toward workouts and food. It seems to happen somewhere along the diet trail for me every time. Usually it’s a plateau and a few weeks of discouragement with the scales not moving. This time it’s a little different.

Some of it is how I feel a bit pressured to make the numbers move because I’m in a program that requires measurements and percent of weight loss by certain times in the program. I’m coming up on one of them and I’m concerned that my percentage of weight lost won’t make the cut. Just as I’m concerned that my body measurements are moving at all.

The other issue is in food. I’m on a Facebook group for people who are members at Planet Fitness. And the other day I posted about my frustrations on giving up certain things in order to lose weight. Of course there are the people who want to just comment so they add the basic stuff like drink more water or do different exercises. But the people who utterly piss me off (pardon the language) are those who have commented that they have “friends” who can eat whatever they want and lose weight because they exercise. Or I’ve not had a problem giving up X,Y, Z so I don’t see why that’s a problem for you.  And the preachy ones brow beating you into guilt for having a moment of weakness and looking for a little support. Plus the condescending attitudes of those ones that eat anything.  Grrr. People.

The only thing I can do is push through as much as I don’t want to do that. But there’s nothing else. Maybe, at some point, I’ll find another friend to help on the journey. But the PF people, I don’t think I’ll be posting there anymore.

Be strong, be fierce


One thought on “Where’s my mojo?

  1. Wow, some of those comments from the FB group are ridiculous, people need to think before they post. There’s definitely no need to feel guilty to have a moment of weakness, i’t’s human and it happens in every tough journey like this. Sorry you’re having a tough time right now, I wish you all the best in powering through it. I suggest searching out more blogs similar to your own to help with some motivation for the time now, I’ve found even just reading the ups and downs of other journeys is inspiring. It’s a tough battle but keep fighting! x


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