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My challenge is the mid section. I’m an apple shape and carry the majority of the nasty fat around the belly. I’ve always been pudgy and round, even as a kid.

With every weight loss attempt, I lose some around the middle but not enough. Unfortunately, we can spot reduce. But I’m working on building stamina on cardio machines and some strength training. Mostly, I’m trying to build my lower body’s muscles since they are the body’s largest and will burn energy post-workout when they are fit.

So far the results are good. Of the 18 pounds I’ve lost, much of it is in the middle! I can wear pants that a few month ago were tight or gave me a muffin top, so that’s a good sign.  The one bit of frustration is my measurements aren’t moving much. Granted, it’s tough to get the tape measure back in the same place as before, but I was hoping for more movement there so when the scale flakes on me I have the number of inches gone to counter that number.

Oh well.

I’m still pushing through and exercising. Cardio is my new favorite after straining my elbow recently. In that realm, I’m pushing hard to go further and longer. Last night I managed the first mile+ on the ARC Trainer. So there’s something to build on.

Stay the course!


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