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Week 1 with Weight Watchers


Drum roll please…..

As of Monday, my official day to weigh-in for Weight Watchers, I am down four pounds from my starting weight!

I cannot begin to express the enjoy in seeing the scale move down for the first time in a long time.

As of writing this post, I have not heard from the weight management program about joining the gym, the personal trainer, or the nutritionist but I’m pleased with my own progress through the week.

One thing I think that’s helping a lot staying on track with WW this time, is being able to eat fruits and veggies without counting them. I do enjoy eating a piece of fruit when I’m craving something sweet. In many of the other diets I’ve gone on, and ultimately failed with, I’ve been restricted to a handful of approved foods and many times fruits are cut out of the plan all together.

WW is giving me freedom in picking things that I like and can eat. With some of the food allergies I have those other plans that rely heavily on tree nuts, mushrooms, and avocados, hampered the amount of recipes I could work from.

Personally, I’m not convinced that diets need to start out with these “resetting” phases because they typically don’t work for me, yet when I jumped in headlong I lost more weight.

Of course, I have upped the amount of exercise this week as well.



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