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I’m Back…

I haven’t posted anything here for a long time because there hasn’t been much to talk about in the area of weight loss. It’s the same ol’, same ol’ with me trying another diet and ended up not losing, getting frustrated, and then giving up.

me-nooooo-i-cant-im-on-a-diet-10-mins-3573673.pngEarlier this week I enrolled in a weight management program offered by my health insurance. I’m hoping this will help the stalled process of getting the pounds off. I’ve also been using Weight Watchers for over week. In the past, WW was the only plan I found results using, so I thought it would be worth going back on.

Since my last doctor’s visit on Wednesday and weighing-in at the gym yesterday, I dropped 2 pounds. It remains to be seen if that’s a fluke or real results. In the past, I have yo-yoed with losing 2 pounds only to regain said pounds in a few days.

I am, however, excited about the weight management program because I get to go back to a gym with a pool and have a personal trainer. I’ve never had one of those and I hope having a trainer will help me with not knowing what to do once I’m at the gym. I usually stick with the elliptical or treadmill. Some times weights and the plated machines.

As for the blog here, I’d like to share my journey by writing some reviews of foods and products, what’s working for me (or not), and anything else that I come across.




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