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Still spinning

267494-Funny+running+quotes++++After a week on the DASH Diet and zero results in weight loss and after zero results in 2 weeks, I have decided to stop with diet plans and go with something that will make my life a little easier. Now, will that show results on the scale? I don’t know yet.

This week I’m going to stick with what I liked about the DASH Diet (mainly the hard boiled eggs and Canadian bacon for breakfast) but add a lot more other things I like from other diets and suggestions. I’m slowly reducing my gluten intake, which can be difficult once you start looking at foods and seeing how many things contain gluten. I’m also going dairy free, this is a lot easier since I’m lactose intolerant and the only things I’m giving up are cheese and yogurt… ok and maybe ice cream. But this will not be difficult.

The main focus for awhile is going to be exercise. In the past month, I have been progressively adding walking and weight lifting to my daily activities. Today was my last visit with the orthopedic doctor for my broken toe and now I can do whatever exercises I feel up to doing! YAY!

On Sunday, I visited a local park and found a great walking track and the high school’s football field next door also has a quarter mile track.

I don’t know if the activities will break through or if I’ll be still stuck by week’s end. Stay tuned.


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