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Dash Diet Day 2 Recap

Ok here goes. Day 2 was a lot more difficult than the first day. Mainly I surmised because I missed breakfast. Yeah, I know, cardinal sin. I had a doctor’s appointment to check on my broken toe, so I thought skipping the morning meal would be fine. Big… no HUGE mistake.

pic3From the morning onward I couldn’t get myself to stop feeling hungry. I drank my regular amount of water and tea. I had the same snacks and lunch as the day before but I just couldn’t shake the hunger. Finally, as I last ditch afford to stop my cravings, I bought some pre-made sugar-free gelatin. I downed two containers setting in my Jeep in the Kroger parking lot. I felt better and was able to get home to make dinner.

The sugar-free gelatin snacks are a “free” food in the DASH Diet. And while I understand their usefulness, I’m avoiding them for because they are processed foods. In the eating lifestyle I’m attempting to create for myself, items such as this are not what I want to consume. In fact, almost everything I’ve read about eating better strongly advises the elimination of processed and refined foods.  I’m surprised by the inclusion of the sugar-free gelatin snacks but grateful I could have them to squelch the hunger.


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