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Treadmills are evil

funny-pictures-resolution-cats-treadmill11I love to get up and move, go hiking, biking, walking, swimming, and many other active things. I, however, cannot get myself motivated to walk on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike. I don’t know if it is the mundane and never changing scenery or that it’s nothing like being outside but I know it is something I dread. Even using the gym equipment with tv screens didn’t help cure the boredom.

So yesterday I was exceptionally happy to find a solution to the walking problem. At the Y where I workout there is a basketball court/gym and after the various yoga and HIIT classes, it is empty. I decided even with my bum toe that I would do some laps around the court. Before long I was pumping my activity into the power walk realm. This was my kind of workout. Although the scenery didn’t change as much, there was something a lot better about walking around the gym floor than the mindless treadmill. Maybe it’s a psychological thing or maybe I’m just strange but I know I love this method a million times more than a treadmill.

Now that I’ve discovered this, I’m going to restart the Couch to 5K app. My biggest problem was switching the treadmill back and forth between the levels of jogging and running. Now I may have an answer to that problem! But at any rate, I do have a new and much more fun activity to add to my daily workout.


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