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Still more frustration

76dbe7840b16c3efeec519b600e40db1As with every time I work toward managing my weight and attempt to lose, I’m face with frustrations. Namely the fact that I limit my calories, do products, starve, and get no where. With this current attempt, I am seeing the old Nemesis of gaining and/or no progress back.

My rapid 5 pound loss two weeks ago turned into regaining two of those pounds back within a few days of my weigh-in. This morning, those two pounds continue to hang on and I’m seeing nothing for all of the work, time, and money I’m putting into this weight management plan. I’m discouraged to say the least.

Yesterday I returned to swimming for the first time in a long while. My injured toe still hurts, especially during swimming, so I cut the workout short. Despite my workouts for the pass couple of days nothing is moving in the right direction.

I’ve been researching weight loss plateaus and why I can’t loose weight but according to what I’m finding the reason is still a mystery. I’m following the guidelines, drinking at least a gallon of water/tea, cutting refined carbs, adding protein but I’m just not getting it.

My next step is to start the DASH diet in hopes of seeing some pounds move. While I’m not doing this for the main reason people use the DASH diet, high blood pressure, I’m seeking to jump start myself in some way.

Right now, I’m making a plan for the first 14 days of the diet. Because I have some food allergies, nuts mostly, I have to rearrange and modify the plan somewhat. I will write about my progress with it and hope this will help me drop the pounds.


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