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The Journey

On my quest to not be a fat chick I’ve encountered set backs from a lack of inspiration, motivation, and dedication. I’ve also had roadblocks from outside forces. My current issue is a broken toe. After setting my mind to getting back into weight management, I wanted to ride my bicycle more. I found a great location, the campus of a local college (my alma mater too). After a great ride on a Friday evening, I logged 7+ miles, I was feeling great and even more inspired to get moving.

Then it happened…


The next day I was in the mood to ride but the weather wasn’t cooperating. So I was going to take my bike off the rack and head to the Y. As I was unloading the bike it rolled backwards and fell on my foot. The handlebar broke my toe. Long story short, I ended up passing out from the pain and messing up my face too.  So for over a week I’ve been sidelined. It sucks too on top of the painful toe!

Now instead of working off the pounds, I’m solely using diet. I have a couple of approaches to it that I hope will work and to share on here later. The biggest thing I’m doing now is getting a lot of liquid in the form of green tea as is supposed help with belly fat.

Belly fat is my biggest challenge.

This is me the day before the accident…


This is me in the ER waiting for x-rays on my foot and neck.



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