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Let’s Get Started

I’ve always been chubby.  I was a chubby kid although I played outside, rode my bike everywhere and played sports. Being overweight has been a lifelong battle. I guess now you can call me a fat chick.  Although don’t call me a “fluffy girl” that’s one thing I can’t stand. I’d take fat chick over fluffy any day.

funny-weight-loss-cartoon-w630But anywho…

A few years ago I started on the weight loss/diet roller coaster yet again. I tried everything. I was even inspired by my favorite Food Network host, Alton Brown, when he dropped 50 pounds in 2009.

Despite all of my efforts over the years, I’m still a fat chick.  I don’t like it one bit. A few weeks ago, after several months of slacking in my healthy eating and exercising, I decided to start back again.  A friend, who knew I was having a bad time about trying to meet a nice man to date, asked me to drop in on her yoga class.  That sparked something again. I felt good afterward and wanted to keep that going.

I went back to the gym. Restored my Couch to 5K app on my phone. I even decided to switch gyms to have access to a swimming pool.  It started to click in the energy department and I was actually enjoying myself.

A few days ago another friend recommended that I start reading Women’s World for the health related articles.  The week I picked up this magazine, there happened to be an article on weight loss through hydrophilic foods.  A lot of the fruits and veggies are things I love to eat, so I’m hoping by eating these foods I can drop some pounds.

Although my main goal is to shed pounds, I want to be a healthier me. I think in the long run that’s more important than pants size.  I know I’ll never be a size 2 but a few sizes smaller, yeah that would be fantastic.


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